About Jeremy Sagala

Composer Jeremy Sagala (b. 1974, USA) has been commissioned and performed by such performers as Ensemble Hörsinn, the New York New Music Ensemble, Stephen Gosling, DoublePlay, the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, the ACME Ensemble, Ensemble Ilusis, and others. The New York Times described his musical language as “rugged but not harsh, and the timbres and gestures he used here–bent pitches, quarter tones, juxtapositions of introspection and explosiveness–yielded an undeniably dramatic sound world“. Others have described his approach as “incredibly elegant” with “gorgeous pitches and lovely orchestration“. Both his acoustic and electronic compositions are highly informed by spectral techniques and research into psychoacoustics and cognitive studies. He is the founder of Ensemble Ilusis, a new music/electronic music group that seeks to expand the public’s understanding and appreciation of contemporary music of all kinds. His book Form and Materials in Davidovsky’s “Flashbacks” and CD “…through autumn into winter” are available through major online retailers worldwide.

Compositions include a wide variety of music ranging from chamber pieces and orchestral pieces, to electronic sound and video pieces. His works include die Grenzen der Sprache (flute, clarinet, tuba, percussion, piano), the Strand (3.262) (trumpet and Max/MSP), silence hangs in misty layers (bass clarinet), …through autumn into winter (flute, piano, Max/MSP), and Tenebrae (written for the New York New Music Ensemble).

Jeremy currently lives in Ingolstadt, Germany.


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