“Five Poems from Trakl”

Last month I was approached by Brett Mastellar of SUNY Oneonta to have a piece of mine played on an upcoming SoundGallery event there. Starting a new project sounded like a great idea, and I began throwing around some ideas for a new work with voice actress Beate Müller.  I’ve been interested in the poetry […]

The Strand (3.262) trumpet with max.msp

“the Strand (3.262)” (2014). trumpet with MaxMSP

A composition for trumpet and Max/MSP.  Premiered in Münster, Germany on June 10, 2014. This work, written along side die Grenzen der Sprache, is intended as it’s companion piece.  Building on the idea of exploring ‘limits’ as in die Grenzen, the compositional processes used to build the narrative function primarily in the rhythmic, more so than pitch, domain.  The […]

“durch den Spiegel” (2013)

durch den Spiegel  [through the mirror] is a reference to the surreal world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Familiar, real world sounds are mixed and juxtaposed against impossible mutations and warping of those sounds.  While not meant to narrate any specific story, a sense of motion is created through the continually changing kaleidoscope of unsettled sounds. Stereo […]

“On the Slow Side of Light” (2008). for two channel digital audio.

Concrète piano sounds serve as the connecting factor between the four main sections of this work. The opening consists of dry manipulated sounds, followed by an accelerando section in which a short piano figure is looped and increased in speed (to over 10,000bpm) until the figure morphs into a continuous timbre, and is then abruptly […]

“les cloches isolées, la nuit vide…” (2009). for cello and Max/MSP.

(The Lonely Bells, the Empty Night) is a spectrally driven work centered around the fusion of a bell timbre with that of the cello’s C string. The merging of the cello’s acoustic world and that of the other-wordly tape sounds is facilitated by the processing of the cello sound with reverb and echo, and by virtue […]

“le parallèle est devenu oblique” (2008). for alto saxophone, piano, and Max/MSP.

le parallèle est devenu oblique was written in the early summer of 2008. The compositional style represents an evolution of my personal language; with focus now shifted more toward timbral considerations (via instrumental techniques and signal processing) and a more macro-level approach toward handling gesture, and ultimately form. I was attracted to the idea of […]

“Jukai” (2009). for alto recorder, harpsichord, and Max/MSP.

The Japanese word Jukai (樹海) refers to a very dense forest region, and is generally used to describe the forest of Aokigahara, at the foot of Mt. Fuji.  The forest of Aokigahara is reputed a center of supernatural activity, unfortunately owing to the unusually high number of suicides that occur there.     This work draws inspiration […]