The Strand (3.262) trumpet with max.msp

“the Strand (3.262)” (2014). trumpet with MaxMSP

A composition for trumpet and Max/MSP.  Premiered in Münster, Germany on June 10, 2014. This work, written along side die Grenzen der Sprache, is intended as it’s companion piece.  Building on the idea of exploring ‘limits’ as in die Grenzen, the compositional processes used to build the narrative function primarily in the rhythmic, more so than pitch, domain.  The […]

“Stalking the Wild Moon” (2005). for marimba.

Stalking the Wild Moon (2005) is a work for solo marimba that explores some of the sonic possibilities of the instrument.  The marimba is transformed into a chamber  ensemble, treating the various registers as discrete instruments.  This emulation is apparent in several forms.  The lush sustained passages, the dry staccato notes, and the contrapuntal passages […]

“les cloches isolées, la nuit vide…” (2009). for cello and Max/MSP.

(The Lonely Bells, the Empty Night) is a spectrally driven work centered around the fusion of a bell timbre with that of the cello’s C string. The merging of the cello’s acoustic world and that of the other-wordly tape sounds is facilitated by the processing of the cello sound with reverb and echo, and by virtue […]

“silence hangs in misty layers” (2011). for B♭ bass clarinet.

silence hangs in misty layers is a solo, reflective work written during my recovery from serious illness.  Musical material is derived from various spectra, and arranged in semi-biographical format.  That recovery–and it’s unknown outcome–was constantly a difficulty that I struggled with.  The struggle is not depicted; instead a sense of peaceful withdrawal and sense of […]

“le parallèle est devenu oblique” (2008). for alto saxophone, piano, and Max/MSP.

le parallèle est devenu oblique was written in the early summer of 2008. The compositional style represents an evolution of my personal language; with focus now shifted more toward timbral considerations (via instrumental techniques and signal processing) and a more macro-level approach toward handling gesture, and ultimately form. I was attracted to the idea of […]