Prime Form Calculator

A simple, but not very attractive, prime form calculator.  I used this as an exercise in manipulation of table data. It doesn’t show Forte numbers. Perhaps I’ll update it someday, but there are so many more elegant calculators on the web already… 🙂   Please contact me if you’re interested in the patch.       […]

Harmonic Interpolator

Harmonic Interpolator. The user inputs various frequencies/pitches for both a ‘starting’ chord and a ‘finishing’ chord, and the patch will calculate interpolated harmonies that morph one into the other via voice leading.  The user may select how many interpolated chords are created.  It works pretty well, but I have an OpenMusic patch that is more […]

Spectral Calculator (v 2)

A spectral calculator.  Can handle harmonic, FM synth, sub-harmonic, and (buggy) ring modulation.  Also includes some stretching/randomization tweaks. Can quantize to 12 or 24 note systems, or utilize raw frequencies for synth playback.  Can only display the notes in a 12 note system though, an unfortunate limitation of Max/MSP. Please contact me if you’re interested […]