Concert, 2013 • New Music, Electronic Music

This past October I presented a concert with fellow faculty composer Paul Coleman at SUNY Fredonia. I really enjoy events like this–they are a great motivator and make my work more goal-oriented.  They’re also a great opportunity to work with some of the talented performers around me.  My solo marimba work “Stalking the Wild Moon” was presented by Tim Bausch, a composition/percussion grad student.  Dr. Andrew Seigel again presented my “silence hangs in misty layers”.  Thank you, thank you gentlemen!

Several electronic works were premiered as well–durch den Spiegel and immer tiefer, immer rühiger.  An electronic version of my two piano work the Farthest Shore seemed to be received well.  From what I can gather from the attendees, the music was enjoyed if not entirely understood.  What more could one really ask for though?

Here’s a link to a PDF of the program.