Ensemble Transmitter – „Ad astra“

Auf zu neuen Klangwelten! Analog versus digital? Die archaische Blockflöte im Duo mit einer modernen E-Gitarre? Mit Hilfe von modernen Spieltechniken, Effekten und Live Elektronik verschwimmen die Grenzen der so verschiedenen Instrumente. Blockflöte und E-Gitarre treten im Laufe des Programms nicht nur untereinander in einen Dialog: Sie korrespondieren in Stockhausens Stück „Pole“ auch mit den […]

Chromatic guitar licks

There aren’t many (any?) good resources online for non-tonal guitar music.  Here are a couple licks with Tab.  They’re fun to play and certainly useful to train fingers that are stuck in guitar-isitic patterns. Here’s a chromatic lick involving all 12 pitch classes. Here’s one that uses the principle of melodic expansion ( Stockhausen’s “Spreizen […]

moving to Germany

I’m now living in Germany! After many, many months of difficult thought, I’ve decided to move to leave my adjunct teaching position at SUNY Fredonia and pursue life in Europe. After years of discussion with administration, teaching sometimes 14 classes per year (that is almost double a full-time teaching load) and being paid less than a full timer, […]

New Music for Electric Guitar (April 24 2015)

On April 24 I presented a solo recital of some of my music (including the new Trakl poems) and  some new-ish music for solo electric guitar.  On the program: Murail “Vampyr!” Varèse “Density 21.5” Gubaidulina “Serenade” Sagala “Five Poems from Trakl” Stockhausen “Spiral” Sagala “…falling silent” Friday, April 24, 2015 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM SUNY Fredonia […]

SUNY Sound Gallery (April 21, 2015)

My “Five Poems from Trakl” will premiered on this concert at SUNY Oneonta: SoundGallery is a presentation of works in the acousmatic tradition, works composed specifically for audio playback systems. The style of presenting musical works in this manner dates back to the 1940s when Pierre Schaefer, and his contemporaries, began presenting works of musique […]

“Five Poems from Trakl”

Last month I was approached by Brett Mastellar of SUNY Oneonta to have a piece of mine played on an upcoming SoundGallery event there. Starting a new project sounded like a great idea, and I began throwing around some ideas for a new work with voice actress Beate Müller.  I’ve been interested in the poetry […]

Portrait Concert in Münster – ensemble:hörsinn (2014)

On June 10, ensemble:hörsinn presented a portrait concert of my work at the BlackBox in Münster, Germany. The pieces performed were “Stalking the Wild Moon” performed by Gereon Voß, “through autumn into winter” performed by Pavel Tseliapniou and Deborah Rawlings, “Solstice2” by Deborah Rawlings, “the Strand (3.262)” played by Norbert Fabritius, and “die Grenzen der Sprache” an […]

“spaces : between : time” (2004) for flute(also picc), B♭ clarinet (also bass cl.), violin, cello, piano.

spaces : between : time, completed in December 2004, is a work exploring the juxtaposition of contrasting musical ideas and later the subsequent melding and interplay between those ideas.   The most striking pair of elements used here is comprised of rhythmic ideas, and takes the form of short, percussive, staccato attacks and longer, legato, more […]

“Tenebrae” (2008). for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano

Tenebrae was written in fulfillment of a commission from the New York New Music Ensemble. One of the main issues I dealt with in composing Tenebrae was the exploration of methods of transition between various types of timbral/harmonic constructs.  Forward motion and formal narrative relies on gradual transformative processes that change one structural harmony into another. […]

March 2017 update

It’s March 2017.  It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site, but I thought I’d post a bit of info now, and intend to now post regular updates. The big news…I’m now living in Ingolstadt. Impressions. It’s been an interesting, fantastic, and challenging 12 months.  I’ve made many friends–of course many friendly natives, but […]