“Five Poems from Trakl”

Last month I was approached by Brett Mastellar of SUNY Oneonta to have a piece of mine played on an upcoming SoundGallery event there. Starting a new project sounded like a great idea, and I began throwing around some ideas for a new work with voice actress Beate Müller.  I’ve been interested in the poetry of Georg Trakl (1887-1914) for many years, and decided to set some of his poetry to (electronic) music.  The poems that I chose are typical of the Expressionist period, pre WWI.  They are dark, haunting, and tell each of their stories through vague allegory and images.

Schweigen (Silence)
Der Schlaf (Sleep)
Melancholie (Melancholy)
Jahreszeit (Season)
Winterdämmerung (Winter Twilight)



These pieces will be performed at SUNY Oneonta on April 21, and again at SUNY Fredonia on April 24.


1. Schweigen.