Umzug nach Deutschland

I’m now living in Germany!

After many, many months of difficult thought, I’ve decided to move to leave my adjunct teaching position at SUNY Fredonia and pursue life in Europe. After years of discussion with administration, teaching sometimes 14 classes per year (that is almost double a full-time teaching load) and being paid less than a full timer, official policy changes have finally created a situation where adjuncts are no longer allowed to teach enough to support themselves.  I’ve realized I’m far too idealistic to continue the frustrating, tiresome battle to ignore the reprehensible reality of a University that is run like a business.  With this sudden, surprise policy change (it was announced only a month before classes began) that limits the credits an adjunct can teach, suddenly the future became sharply focused, and the future was not Fredonia.

So, why Germany?  Perhaps a better question is–why not?  The crappy situation in Fredonia had finally forced me to sell my house and look elsewhere for work.  I could have gone almost anywhere in the US, but even a domestic move is expensive.  Over the course of the summer, I whittled down my belongings to the size of two suitcases, and five parcels.  Fortunately, the house sold almost on cue and left me unencumbered.  I had been hoping to find an opportunity to live abroad again (I lived in Japan from 1999-2000) and , with the recent development of musical connections in Germany in mind, I decided that this was a perfect time.

Now…back to making music!