“les cloches isolées, la nuit vide…” (2009). for cello and Max/MSP.

(The Lonely Bells, the Empty Night) is a spectrally driven work centered around the fusion of a bell timbre with that of the cello’s C string. The merging of the cello’s acoustic world and that of the other-wordly tape sounds is facilitated by the processing of the cello sound with reverb and echo, and by virtue of the tape part reinforcing harmonics and pitches played by the soloist. The narrative evoked by the work is that of a series of nocturnal images, based on the meditative premise that “strange animals come to drink in the quiet pool”, a profound euphemism of a clear mind’s openness to perceive an otherwise highly elusive beauty. The twilight sounds are representative of both this meditative silence, and the strange images that this silence creates.