“Solstice2” (2005). for piano.

This piano piece was written on a commission from NYC pianist Steve Beck. The harmonic material of the work is a bit different for me, in that there is a much faster turnover of pitches than in much of my previous work. I’ve used this to generate some very rich and lush harmonies, sometimes comprising all twelve pitch classes. While the texture is sometimes reminiscent of Webern’s twelve tone piano music, my pitches and rhythms here were not pre-determined in any way.

A ‘pointillistic’ texture sometimes heard is contrasted by bits of legato music, and the how they are sometimes very much alike and somtimes very different was the main issue I dealt with while composing this piece. The melodic material of the opening two or so bars is referenced a few times in varying guises–sometimes almost verbatim as in mm. 26-28, and other times less directly.