“Stalking the Wild Moon” (2005). for marimba.

Stalking the Wild Moon (2005) is a work for solo marimba that explores some of the sonic possibilities of the instrument.  The marimba is transformed into a chamber  ensemble, treating the various registers as discrete instruments.  This emulation is apparent in several forms.  The lush sustained passages, the dry staccato notes, and the contrapuntal passages are distillations of what one might hear in a work for several instruments, yet the conception and writing here is innately ‘marimbistic’.   In addition to the rapid leaps in register, contrasting musical materials in the form of rich sustained chords  juxtaposed against complex linear passages builds the musical narrative.  The material is almost invariably fragmented and almost schizophrenic, and yet long range voice leading and local details give the piece a singular sense of direction and musical meaning.






Performed here by Gereon Voss.