SUNY Sound Gallery (April 21, 2015)

Oneonta concertMy “Five Poems from Trakl” will premiered on this concert at SUNY Oneonta:

SoundGallery is a presentation of works in the acousmatic tradition, works composed specifically for audio playback systems. The style of presenting musical works in this manner dates back to the 1940s when Pierre Schaefer, and his contemporaries, began presenting works of musique concrète in concert halls. By eliminating the visual aspect of a concert one is allowed to fully utilize the sense of hearing. This SoundGallery will focus on the works of composers within the State University of New York network. Contributors from Buffalo, Fredonia, Oneonta, Potsdam, and Stony Brook will be featured using a multi-channel surround playback system. This event is part of the SUNY College at Oneonta New Music Focus Week. All events are free and open to the public.