New Music for Electric Guitar (April 24 2015)

On April 24 I presented a solo recital of some of my music (including the new Trakl poems) and  some new-ish music for solo electric guitar.  On the program: Murail “Vampyr!” Varèse “Density 21.5” Gubaidulina “Serenade” Sagala “Five Poems from Trakl” Stockhausen “Spiral” Sagala “…falling silent” Friday, April 24, 2015 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM SUNY Fredonia […]

SUNY Sound Gallery (April 21, 2015)

My “Five Poems from Trakl” will premiered on this concert at SUNY Oneonta: SoundGallery is a presentation of works in the acousmatic tradition, works composed specifically for audio playback systems. The style of presenting musical works in this manner dates back to the 1940s when Pierre Schaefer, and his contemporaries, began presenting works of musique […]

Portrait Concert in Münster – ensemble:hörsinn (2014)

On June 10, ensemble:hörsinn presented a portrait concert of my work at the BlackBox in Münster, Germany. The pieces performed were “Stalking the Wild Moon” performed by Gereon Voß, “through autumn into winter” performed by Pavel Tseliapniou and Deborah Rawlings, “Solstice2” by Deborah Rawlings, “the Strand (3.262)” played by Norbert Fabritius, and “die Grenzen der Sprache” an […]

Ensemble Ilusis

Ensemble Ilusis was an early project of mine that brought together composers Philip Schuessler, Jay Batzner, and myself. During the tour listed here, saxophonist Richard Schwartz and pianist Kenneth Boulton joined us as we performed at several colleges throughout the southern US.  We gave pre-concert talks, community outreach lectures, and included student works on the […]