moving to Germany

I’m now living in Germany! After many, many months of difficult thought, I’ve decided to move to leave my adjunct teaching position at SUNY Fredonia and pursue life in Europe. After years of discussion with administration, teaching sometimes 14 classes per year (that is almost double a full-time teaching load) and being paid less than a full timer, […]

Portrait Concert in Münster – ensemble:hörsinn (2014)

On June 10, ensemble:hörsinn presented a portrait concert of my work at the BlackBox in Münster, Germany. The pieces performed were “Stalking the Wild Moon” performed by Gereon Voß, “through autumn into winter” performed by Pavel Tseliapniou and Deborah Rawlings, “Solstice2” by Deborah Rawlings, “the Strand (3.262)” played by Norbert Fabritius, and “die Grenzen der Sprache” an […]