The Strand (3.262) trumpet with max.msp

“the Strand (3.262)” (2014). trumpet with MaxMSP

A composition for trumpet and Max/MSP.  Premiered in Münster, Germany on June 10, 2014.

This work, written along side die Grenzen der Sprache, is intended as it’s companion piece.  Building on the idea of exploring ‘limits’ as in die Grenzen, the compositional processes used to build the narrative function primarily in the rhythmic, more so than pitch, domain.  The two main contrasting ideas are simply that of a stream of very fast notes juxtaposed against long tones.  Both of these extremes are further subjected to continuous audio processing via MaxMSP, and in this way timbre is another important dimension through which the discourse moves.  All processing takes place in real-time, and the computer will react differently depending on the performer and performance circumstances.  At various points in the score, the computer records several seconds of the solo trumpet performance, performs transformations, and plays it back later as a supportive layer behind the live player.  

The arrangement of large scale sections was conceived through the application of fractal geometry, where a given ‘shape’ manifests itself on an micro- and macro-level.  A series of durations was initially decided upon, and a ratio between each section’s was determined. This series of ratios is then replicated within each section, creating a microcosm of the relationships. While composing, it was necessary to alter the ratios slightly.  This reworking/expansion/contraction strengthens the fluid, organic nature of the work.


Demo recording; about 20mb.